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Only 2 more weeks to enter our 2013 Spring Contest! April 16, 2013

Have you heard about the newest Spring 2013 contest? We want to see your YooHoo collections! You only have 2 weeks to enter. If you have not heard about the contest — all you have to do is display your entire collection (no matter how big or small) and pose in front of it with a sign! The submission period ends April 30th so wake up your YooHoos, round them up and enter before the deadline!  The official rules and everything you need to know about entering can be found here.

The entries have already been coming in fast and furious and there are some great ones. We posted a few of them above. To see all current entries, visit our official Facebook page, and check out the photo album here.

Looking forward to all your entries!



YooHoo News! March 19, 2013



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