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YooHoo Fan Maya Shares Her YooHoo Collection May 21, 2013


2013 has been very exciting so far! One highlight being that ten of our unique mini-plush were provided with the pan-European Happy Meal promotion – YooHoo, Pammee, Chewoo, Roodee, Lemmee, Sharkoo, Limee, Sanchee, Heehee and Boohoo!

We love seeing photos and videos of your collections — just like this one below from fan Maya! Post your photos to our FB page, tweet us @yoohoofriends or email info [at] yoohoofriends [dot] com and we’ll share our favorites with the community!

-Team YooHoo


Wall of YooHoos! January 4, 2013

Just spotted at Aurora HQ, a fresh wall of YooHoos!


We want them ALL!

-Team YooHoo


YooHoo & Friends Jam into Hard Rock! June 12, 2012

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We all knew that YooHoo & Friends had a penchant for music and rock & roll but now it is official! As of Spring 2012, custom YooHoo & Friends are now available in Hard Rock’s around the world. Not surprisingly the little guys are decked out in their coolest rocker outfits and have their musical instrument of choice:

We have been longtime fans of the Hard Rock. All you need to look for is the gigantic Stratocaster-like guitar — the hallmark of each entrance. The great music played inside along with the one-of-a-kind music memorabilia displayed in each restaurant — such a fun experience. The Hard Rock Cafe has always had amazing merchandise including their infamous T-shirts which makes it no surprise that HRC would welcome YooHoo & Friends into their family.

Each of the YooHoo & Friends “Hard Rock” editions has its own back story, musical history and makes some fun tunes when “squeezed”. Here are the descriptions for the five YooHoos. Comment below or visit our official Facebook page and let us know which one is your fave!



New #Contest: Design A YooHoo & Friends WannaBe February 9, 2012

Jungle WannaBes

Have you ever looked at one of your YooHoo & Friends plush toys and thought that they would look good dressed up as something else? If so you are probably familiar with our WannaBes collection. However – now we are calling on the YooHoo & Friends fans to create your own WannaBes!

What have you always wanted to see your YooHoo & Friends dressed up as? A hot dog? A football player? How about as a dog or ballerina? We want to see you create them! Use household materials like fabrics, markers, pens, glitter and whatever else you can find to create your costume.  You can see the official rules over at our website but five winners will each win a collection of YooHoo & Friends equal to a retail value of $100! The contest runs from now until April 30, 2012.

Domestic and Barnyard WannaBes

To get some inspiration for your costume make sure to check out the pictures above which are from our new line of WannaBes! We can’t wait to see your submissions!



Do Teddy Bears Influence Better Behavior? October 20, 2011

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30th Anniversary Bear is watching you. 🙂 Aurora, who makes YooHoo & Friends, is also known for its other plush animals including teddy bears.

According to a new Harvard Business Review article, adults are less likely to cheat and more likely to engage in “pro-social” behaviors when reminders of children, such as teddy bears (or crayons even) are present. From the report:

In all our lab studies, we found that when subjects were near toys or engaged in activities like watching cartoons, the number of cheaters dropped almost 20%. In several studies we had participants play games in which they filled in missing letters to complete words. Those who were primed with childhood cues were far more likely to form “moral” words like “pure” and “virtue” than those who weren’t. In addition, people behaved better in the presence of childhood cues even if they weren’t feeling particularly happy.

Very interesting. Read the rest of the article here: http://hbr.org/2011/09/adults-behave-better-when-teddy-bears-are-in-the-room/ar/1?referral=00060

What say you — does the presence of toys make people behave more ethically?



New YooHoo & Friends (Part 2) June 2, 2011

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Aurora World Inc. released more new photos of the soon to be released YooHoo & Friends plush animals — they will debut in the United States mid-June! Allow us to introduce to you Pammee and YooHoo Snowboarder and YooHoo Skateboarder!














Question of the Week! (this is a weekly contest you know?!)

Congrats to our Question of the Week winner for May 23-29, Kristine Nelson! She won the brand new YooHoo & Friends Surfer pictured above!

Now for this week’s question…

Our friendly fans and collectors know that most of the 100+ YooHoo & Friends animals make a fun sound when squeezed — so that’s the basis for our next Question of the Week contest. As always, you can enter the weekly contest by answering the question one of two ways: 1) comment on this blog post or 2) use Twitter (don’t forget to include “@yoohoofriends” with your answer). Good luck!

Q: What new sounds would you like to hear when you squeeze YooHoo & Friends plush animals?



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