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Save the Narwhals! April 21, 2015

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So many of you have seen Naree the Narwhal our award winning YHF. Now is your chance to win your own!

Our 2015 Award Winner!

Our 2015 Award Winner!

The rules are simple. Tell us what you think makes narwhals so special and why we should do our part to help save these rare and beautiful creatures. This is in perfect time with Earth Day tomorrow as well!

If you want an extra chance to win Naree, send us a picture of you and a YHF via Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram!

Winners will be chosen at random from the comments and pictures submitted. Good luck everyone!


12 Responses to “Save the Narwhals!”

  1. didokrios Says:

    I think the special about this animal is the horn. which is so long and spinned and makes them look like see unicorns 🙂 A lso we should be helping every rare animal to be saved because any speice of animals are unqique and deserve to live on this planet like we do as well!

  2. The little miracle of nature and all kinds of animals, plants have a role in it. If the extinction of a species disrupts the entire ecosystem. It is important to protect all animal Narwhals This point is the wonderful and rare animal species. in any event, should be protected.

  3. Kieselstein Eszter Says:

    Hello, I have a question : How can I send the picture?

    • yoohoofriends Says:

      Hi, you can message or post to our Facebook page, tweet us on twitter or message the picture on instagram 🙂

  4. Shannon N. Says:

    I think Narwhals are cool because their tusk is actually a tooth and it can bend about a foot before breaking! We should try to save them because no narwhals exist in captivity!

  5. The Narwhals and all of difrend kind of animal has a rule in the nature . If this extinction of animal species His role is to extinction. We need to protect the special animals like th Narwhals . They are so beatiful.We need to save them !!!

  6. Janine Says:

    They are a precious species as there are only about 75,000 left in our world so need our protection to keep this beautiful whale alive 😊

  7. Leo hawkins Says:

    I think that we should not pollut water because narwhals live there and other fish there are like💯Fish by leo👍😃

  8. Agneta Says:

    The narwhal looks like a fantasy animal but is not. It is so cool!

    We need to save all animals to make the earth a good place to live. Every species is needed!

  9. Celia Corrionero Says:

    I love narwhals because they are very special.
    the horn is very rare and beautiful. Save them please!

  10. Martta (Finland) Says:

    It is important to save these special animals so that the future generations too will get a chance to see and get to know all kind of different species. It is a horrible idea that the amount of different animals would get smaller and all of the animals would look alike.

  11. they use there horns for love

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